Labour safety
About our service

For compliance with labour safety regulations, we undertake on behalf of
the Client and his organisation, activities, headquarters, worksites:

Labour safety

  • development, regular review, and required modifications of the Client’s Labour Safety Standards
  • development, regular review, and required modifications of the personal protection equipment distribution system on behalf of the Client
    (Act 93. of 1993)
  • initial and recurring presentations and documentation of labour safety training for the Client’s employees
    (Act XCIII. of 1993)
  • compilation of labour safety training materials
  • review and making suggestions on fulfilment of the employment-health regulations
    Government Decree 89/1995. (XII.14.), NM Decree 33/1998. (VI.24.), EüM Decree 61/1999. (XII.1.)
  • labour safety inspections to check adherence to the regulations and standards, preparation of inspection minutes
  • initial inspection of labour safety prior to commissioning, preparation of documentation
    FMM Decree 11/2002. (XII.28.)
  • monitoring of initial, periodic, and extraordinary reviews of machine and equipment safety and grounding, making suggestions for inspections
    GM Decree 14/1999. (III.31.), FMM Decree 14/2004. (IV.19.)
  • risk assessment of dangers to employee health and safety, making suggestions for preventative improvements to work conditionsSzCsM-EüM Decree 3/2002. (II.8.)
  • investigation of reports of labour safety issues, making suggestions for required actions
    SzCsM-EüM Decree 3/2002. (II.8.)
  • extraordinary review of worksite, personal protection equipment, appropriateness of technology, if it directly endangered the health and safety of the employee during intended use, or if an accident occurred related to it
  • investigation and documentation of work accidents
  • maintenance of a log of work accidents
    MüM 5/1993. (XII.26.)
  • assistance with preparations for employer compensation matters related to work accidents
  • investigation and documentation of trip accidents (commuting to or from worksite)
  • attending to changes in labour safety regulations, and making suggestions for required actions
  • training of labour safety representatives
    Act 93/1993. 70. §.
  • consultation on labour safety related matters.